5 EASY Halloween Makeup Tutorials by YouTubers

Halloween is finally here and if you’re in dire need of a costume with literally no time to shop, well, don’t freak out because you’re in luck.

It kinda goes without saying but these days, Halloween is taken VERY seriously.

However, if for some strange reason, the holiday crept up on you and now you’re scrambling to figure out what to dress up as, don’t trip. We’ve got a few makeup tutorials that’ll have your friends dying – figuratively, of course.

To keep things somewhat simple since time is a factor ON Halloween day, the first one on our list is a classic skull look as demonstrated by James Charles on Kylie Jenner.

You don’t have to follow their exact color scheme, obviously. But get creative! Any colors in your makeup bag works!

Next up is this headless makeup tutorial done by Cosmo By Haley. Now aside from the makeup on your face, a good majority of the makeup is applied to your neck, so just make sure you aren’t touching your neck or scratching it after creating this look.

But if you’re looking for a lewk that’s a little more simple but just as intricate looking, maybe this feline-inspired look by YouTuber Beauty By Gabbie is more your speed.

Another easy last-minute Halloween look that involves just a teeny tiny bit of effort is this stitched up mouth look done by Shaaanxo.

As you can see she took her look one step further by adding semi thick thread to the look to make it a little bit more realistic. But, if you don’t have any thread on hand, I’m pretty sure drawing dramatic looking “thread” with eyeliner works too.

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