5 Easy Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on a Plane

These days, it’s easy to score a sick deal on cheap plane tickets.

But it’s tough not to get sick when you’re surrounded by germs on an airplane.

Avoid getting sick with tips from travel experts Bustle, HuffPost and Business Insider spoke with.

1. Scrub the tray table with sanitary wipes.

Website Travelmath.com found the tray table was the dirtiest thing their microbiologist swabbed in a 2015 test.

2. ask to be moved if you’ve got a sick seatmate

If you can’t move, some say shooting air from the overhead nozzle in front of your face can help since circulation can keep germs away.

3. Don’t use the blankets and pillows provided unless you’re on the first flight of the day

It’s likely they’ve been used and re-folded from the last flight.

4. pick a window seat to avoid contact with sick passengers

Those in aisle seats come into contact with more people and more germs.

5. Avoid using the seat-back pocket in front of you

Bacteria like E. coli and MRSA can survive for days in seat pockets, according to studies from Auburn University.

And you thought turbulence was bad!

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