5 Things Sleep Experts Would Never Keep in the Bedroom

If you have trouble sleeping, just clear the room.

Here are five things sleep experts would never keep in the bedroom.

They’re man’s best friend.

But sleep’s worst nightmare.

Pets should sleep in their own beds; not yours.

A sleep science guru tells HuffPost that pets mess with your sleep by jumping all over you, begging for food or even make your allergies worse.

Phones, tablets, laptops, oh my!

The blue light from these screens is your enemy, only serving to mess with your sleep cycle.

In the same arena, the experts suggest getting rid of any TVs in the bedroom.

The problem is that when you watch movies and shows in bed, you train your mind to think that the bed is a place to watch TV, rather than a place that’s reserved for sleep.

Keep the food in the kitchen, and not all over your sheets.

The mess aside, it’s a mistake to eat right before bedtime anyway because it could lead to indigestion.

The piles of clothes on the bed aren’t very inviting.

Messy bedrooms hurt your sleep.

Take it from a study out of New York’s St. Lawrence University.

The idea is that most of us view the disorganized space as an uncompleted task, which doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep.

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