5 Tips for Becoming a Better Public Speaker

If you have to walk up to the front of the room and give a speech, it can feel like you’re walking the plank.

Here are five simple tips for becoming a better public speaker.

A communication and career coach tells Medium it’s a good idea to write down your fears and your goals.

Did you have a bad experience speaking in public?

Do you not like having all eyes on you?

Write down your reasons for these fears, then write down the ways overcoming these fears can stop holding you back’ personally and professionally.

Record yourself a bunch of times and realize that practice makes perfect.

Critique each take to see where you need to improve.

This is a great way to help folks notice how many times they say “um” or use other filler words.

It might be cringeworthy, but before you know it, you’ll start jotting down what you’re doing right, like a more natural and conversational tone.

Whether you’re at a book signing or in a business meeting and the boss asks for input, raise your hand, ask a question, then sit back down and breathe.

It’s a great way to practice having all eyes on you and gain confidence as you briefly step into the spotlight.

Stop thinking about yourself and how nervous you are.

The Harvard Business Review says you need to think about the audience instead.

Who’s going to be in the room, why are they there, what do they need to take away from your speech?

Focus on their needs in your presentation and remind yourself that you’re standing up there to help the audience.

Psychology Today says focus on being valued, not evaluated.

Finally, you need to practice with friends or colleagues and ask for honest feedback.

Otherwise, it’ll be 10 friends telling you the speech was perfect.

Listen to the critiques, make the changes, and do it again with a different crowd.

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