It’s a good thing to be a gym rat.

But you don’t want your gym clothes smelling like a pigsty.

Here are five simple tips for taking care of your gym clothes so they last.

Look for athletic clothes with moisture-wicking.

These items let your skin breathe as sweat is drawn away from your body to evaporate so you can stay dry.

Rotating your outfits will make them last longer, so buy in bulk if you can.

Wash your clothes after each fitness session.

Sweat aside, a wellness expert tells Bustle that germs get on your clothes after touching fitness machines, then wiping your hands on your shirt.

Just make sure you’re washing them correctly because the expensive fabrics used to make gym clothes don’t react well to detergent and fabric softener, according to a cleaning expert Shape magazine spoke with.

She says it’s a mistake to add extra detergent.

It doesn’t get washed out, it just builds up on your clothing and traps dead skin, only to give off a funky smell; mildew.

And fabric softeners trap odors because they leave behind a coating.

The expert adds fabric softeners damage anything that stretches.

Pro tip: add half a cup of white vinegar to your wash cycle to act as a fabric softener and kill odors.

Air drying could make your clothes stretchier for longer.

That means taking out those dirty clothes right away and throwing them in the wash.

The longer sweaty clothes sit in your gym bag, the more likely germs and bacteria will build up.

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