5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on a Plane

Whether it’s the holiday season or you’re just a frequent flyer, don’t bring home germs as a souvenir.

Here are five ways to avoid getting sick on a plane.

It sounds simple, but you’ve got to wash your hands.

Take it from a health expert Bustle spoke with.

The goal is to wash them frequently throughout the day, not just when you think they’re dirty.

That means before you eat, after you touch luggage or public doors and always after you use the restroom.

Those dirty hands can get you sick.

That’s why you shouldn’t touch your face while you travel.

The same health guru says viruses and bacteria can get inside after you touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

A pro tip is to apply makeup with a tool, not your finger.

Same thing goes for lip balms and moisturizers.

It’s a mistake to touch the tray table.

Business Insider says the tray table is one of the dirtiest parts of a plane.

They’re not cleaned very often, so wipe them down with a disinfectant, and never eat directly off of them.

Where you sit matters, since studies have shown aisle seats get more traffic, which means there’s a higher risk of exposure as sick folks brace themselves on those seats as they head to the bathroom.

Travel site The Points Guy.com says you’ll have less chance of transmission if you pick a window seat.

Bringing your own gear is best.

You’ll have more control over what germs are lingering on airline pillows and blankets if you bring your own.

You can cut down on exposure risks if you bring a tablet to watch shows instead of relying on in-flight entertainment systems that may not be cleaned between flights.

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