With Kabul skyline shrouded in smog and at least 17 people reported dead over the past week because of respiratory infections, locals call on the Afghan government to take action against air pollution, they claim is worse than a war.

Footage filmed on Thursday shows smoke rising from factories and coal plants in Kabul, with heavy traffic also contributing to the deteriorating air pollution problem.

Kabul residents, some of whom wore air filtering masks, said that poverty is the one to blame.

"The main reason for the pollution is that people are living in poverty and they can't afford high-quality materials. Instead, they are using plastic, coal and low-quality goods which can make the air harmful", said Parwiz, one of the locals.

"Polluted air is more harmful than war and can severely expose people to many diseases," he added.

According to the Ministry quoted in media, at least 8,800 people visited public hospitals in Kabul reporting respiratory conditions last week.

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VOA News 28 Feb 2020 23:41 CET

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