Andrew Yang On UBI And Human-Centered Capitalism

Andrew Yang has succeeded in raising the visibility of issues like universal basic income even as he trails front-running candidates like Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders in polls for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. According to Yang, technology has eroded fundamental American assumptions about capitalism and government needs to set a new direction.

As an attorney and successful entrepreneur, Yang doesn't have many of the traditional presidential credentials. Recently he's focused on boosting start-ups through his Venture for America nonprofit.

Yang has built his campaign around what he calls The Freedom Dividend — a $1,000 per month “universal basic income” intended to cushion the impact of technological advances that have begun to supplant large swaths of the American workforce. Americans of every income level would receive it, with the enormous cost financed by a value-added tax under which the bottom 94% of earners would come out ahead.


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