Anti-vaxxers descended on this state Senate in opposition to a bill that would make it harder to avoid vaccinations.

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In US news and current events today, anti-vaxxers descended on the New Jersey Senate to try to stop a bill that makes it harder to avoid vaccinations.

Under NJ A3818, parents could apply for a vaccine exemption but only with a letter signed by a doctor. Stating why the vaccination is ‘medically contraindicated.’

The bill also states that exemptions will not be considered for ‘a general philosophical or moral objection.’

Currently the state, New Jersey. If you go to your school nurse and tell them that because their religion, you don't want vaccines, that's a blank check for no vaccines.

Exemptions would also not be considered if someone has a ‘political, sociological or moral’ objection or ‘concerns related to the safety or efficacy of the vaccination.’

Under the bill, students could be excluded from school ‘In the event of the occurence of a communicable disease.’

Watch the full story on anti-vaxxers protesting the vaccination bill here.

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