Rising star Billie Eilish got the surprise of a lifetime during Coachella weekend 1 as she was confronted by none other than Justin Bieber, and her reaction is EVERYTHING.

As Billie Eilish continues her reign on the Billboard 200 list, she can happily add yet another accomplishment to her growing list – meeting the actual love of her life at Coachella. So if you’re not a firm believer of the whole ‘finding love in a hopeless place’ kinda thing, well, start BELIEBING, y’all.

The documented diehard Belieber performed her hour-long set on Saturday during the festival, and in what may now go down as the best decision she’s ever made, she decided to stick around for Sunday’s festivities, where she causally ran into Justin Bieber himself (…OK, so it was probably set up by management, but just let us dream).

Billie recently appeared on Ellen where she confessed her undying love, and even revealed that JB recently followed her on Instagram… so really it was only a matter of time until magic happened.

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