Some of the migrants who were recently placed in newly erected makeshift camp in Vucijak, spoke about the dire conditions of the camp, on Tuesday, after it was described by UN officials as "unsuitable for human habitation," as they claim it was built in the vicinity of an area with mines from the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s, and on top of a former landfill.

"No bathroom, electricity, no phone charging, no signal... Nothing. Nothing for a human to stay and live here. It's difficult. I'm here for four days and I can't go down [to Bihac] to speak with my family," said Halid, a migrant from Egypt.

"There is no protection here for people under the age of 18. There are so many problems here, no toilet, no good water... Please help me," added Shazeb, 15 years old migrant from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, a member of the Red Cross said that the migrants were given "everything they need to live."

Spokesperson for the City of Bihac administration Elmedin Mehadzic said that a part of the population in Vucijak are migrants without any type of identification documents, who were discovered in recent police raids in residences in the Bihac area.

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