A Boston man, who was later revealed to be a Golden Globes boxer, disarmed a robber with a gun on the Chicago subway, and, after handing him over to the police, went on to run his 12th Chicago Marathon.

Jean Paul LaPierre, 54, noticed people rushing out of the CTA train on Sunday morning and asked a fellow passenger about it. He was told that "there's a guy on the train walking around right now robbing people," which made him angry, so he got back on the train to confront the robber.

He soon found the man and asked him to give him the gun, then they started fighting. LaPierre managed to pull the gun from the robber’s hand while the suspect yelled at him to let go, because "it was just a gun."

"I could hit you seven times in three seconds," LaPierre boasted as he held the man steady.

After the police finally came to his aid, LaPierre went on to run his 12th Chicago Marathon.

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