Fans of the national football team of Argentina criticised what they believe are expensive tickets for the Copa America, speaking to journalists outside the Estadio Independencia in Belo Horizonte, ahead of their team's match against Paraguay.

The fans also said that the entire ticket sale process was prone to have wholesalers buy big quantities and resell them at inflated prices.

"They sell tickets to wholesalers, the problem is not theirs anymore, they make their money, while those who really want to attend a match have to go to resellers and have to pay a very high price, which I think does not make sense," said Armando Fonchetti.

"I think that CONMEBOL needs to be more responsible and not think only about their numbers [gained from ticket sales] but rather about the numbers of people who come to watch the match," he added.

Another fan, Tomas Venetti, said, "South America, or Copa America, doesn't have the same purchase power as the World Cup. South America has lots of crisis and you can tell. They want to charge at dollar prices, but this is not Europe, or [a tournament] on a global level. That's what I think. [If the prices were not high,] more people would go to the matches."

Argentina is due to play against Paraguay at the Estadio Independencia on Wednesday, in a Group B match of the 2019 Copa America.

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