Last month, a woman named Shelby Angel took a Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) plane with her 1-year-old daughter.

They were traveling from from San Francisco to Amsterdam.

When she started breastfeeding her baby, Angel detailed in a Facebook post that a KLM flight attendant asked her to cover her body with a blanket.

Angel told the attendant that her baby doesn't like being covered, adding "I do my best to be discreet, but sometimes some skin shows."

KLM reportedly told her "If you want to continue doing the breastfeeding, you need to cover yourself," in order to "be respectful" of other cultures.

KLM tweeted on Wednesday "we may request a mother to cover herself while breastfeeding, should other passengers be offended by this."

Angel wrote that KLM has "antiquated values that shame women's bodies."

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