Brexit dominates EU vote in UK

Many thought they'd never have to take part...others say it's been too hastily arranged.But on Thursday, the UK turned out to have its say in Europe's parliamentary elections.Voters at this polling station in Northern Ireland summed up the split which still runs deep through the kingdom on one thorny issue.VOXPOP WOMAN"I'll be voting essentially to get us out of the EU as soon as possible"VOXPOP WOMAN"I don't want Brexit at all. I don't want to be disconnected from the rest of Europe"Theresa May's Conservatives announced just over 2 weeks ago that the nation WOULD have to take part in the ballot...because the party's Brexit grand plan...hadn't quite gone to plan. From the north to the south, there was therefore a strong sense of frustration with the Westminster system.VOXPOP MAN"I've come down to vote today on a simple thing just as a protest. I won't vote for any of the mainstream parties"VOXPOP MAN"I mean the way its been going lately since 2 years ago when we came out, the MPs in this country are just an absolute waste of time for what they are doing"There was frustration too from hundreds of EU nationals who've made the UK their home. This Spaniard for example found that his name had been crossed off the electoral list at his local polling station....because the correct voter registration forms hadn't been processed in time.Those who did manage to have their say voted to fill the UK's 73 seats in the EU parliament. But whoever wins a seat after Thursday's poll will lose their job when, and of course if, Brexit occurs.

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