Amid great expectation and dozens of visitors, workers at Santiago's Buin Zoo presented to the public ‘Bernardina', a baby pygmy hippo on Thursday.

Footage shows 'Bernardina' diving into water to enjoy a swim, always under the watchful eyes of her mother and dozens of children who attended the presentation of the adorable baby animal.

Ignacio Idalsoaga, director of Buin Zoo, explained that Bernardina belongs to "an extremely decimated species, there are only three thousand animals left in nature.”

The baby pygmy hippo is the fourth successful reproduction of the species achieved by the Chilean park, and according to Bernardina's keepers, her developmental conditions have been normal.

Originally from West Africa, Pygmy Hippopotamus are classified as endangered, reportedly due to the loss of its natural habitat from factors such as deforestation and pollution, as well as being at risk of poaching. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species estimates the number of mature Pygmy Hippopotamus to number between 2,000 to 2,499, with the population currently in decline.

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