Officials from China, Pakistan and Syria implied the United States causes "one humanitarian crisis after another" and uses "human rights as a political weapon" at the 2019 South-South Human Rights Forum in Beijing on Wednesday.

Pakistani Senator and Chairperson of the Pakistan-China Institute, Mushahid Hussain Syed, said his country "fully [stands] by China on the issue of Hong Kong, on Xinjiang, on Tibet and Taiwan."

He then condemned what he described as Washington's "interference in the internal affairs of China, using human rights as a political weapon."

Vice-Minister of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Ma Zhaoxu said, "In the name of human rights and humanitarianism, some countries instigate colour revolutions everywhere, force regime change, cause conflicts and instability, and cause one humanitarian crisis after another."

Ma appeared to refer to the 2019 Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which the US Senate passed in November, saying, "Some countries have launched trade wars out of selfish interests, repeatedly introduced so-called human rights and democracy bills, and blatantly interfered in other countries' internal affairs."

"They often use sanctions as threats and impose economic blockades, technological decoupling and financial sanctions, which not only hinder the development of the world economy but also violate human rights of the people of the victim countries," Ma added.

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