Palestinian demonstrators clashed with Israeli security members in the West Bank City of Bethlehem, Thursday, November 14, protesting against recent Israeli strikes that took place in Gaza.

The fighting in Gaza erupted early on Tuesday after Israel killed a senior commander of Gaza's Islamic Jihad militant group, who Israel said was behind a string of rocket attacks and was planning a cross-border infiltration.

A cease-fire between Israel and the Iranian-backed militant group took effect on Thursday morning. Gaza militants fired a barrage of rockets into Israel hours after a cease-fire was declared to end two days of intense fighting between Israel and the Islamic Jihad group. It was the heaviest escalation in months that killed at least 34 Palestinians, including three women and eight children, and paralyzed parts of Israel.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the new wave of rockets and it wasn't clear how this would affect the fate of the cease-fire.

Israel had hailed the Gaza operation as a victory, defending its policy of targeting militants in their homes despite civilian deaths and vowed to continue the tactic. Islamic Jihad said it had succeeded in getting Israel to agree to a cease-fire based on several demands, including a halt to Israeli targeted killings of the group's leaders. (AP)

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