According to Mother Nature Network, climate change is here now. It is affecting change now and could hit the baby boomer generation the hardest as it progresses.

Graphics data suggest that the effects of climate change could be terrible by 2050, when one in three baby boomers are senior citizens. MNN estimates that 21 million old people will need help.

MNN explains, "(Including those) whose retirement properties in Arizona will be too hot to bear, whose houses in the Carolinas or Florida will be flooded out, and whose houses in the forests will have likely burned."

Researchers say that we're already starting to see the affects of global warming through more extreme weather, rising sea levels, and diminishing Arctic sea ice.

They add "Governments need to invest even more urgently in schemes that protect homes from floods and fires and help people to manage heat stress (especially older individuals and those living in poverty)."

Older generations are usually hit the hardest. MNN explains that they are less mobile, more sensitive to the heat and cold, and more susceptible to disease.

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