A Franconian restaurant located in Leuzdorf in northern Bavaria has found an ingenious way to get around social distancing measures by turning their place into a drive-through where customers can still enjoy their famous carp dishes.

Footage filmed on Sunday shows customers heading through the signalised drive-through at the Goldener Hammer restaurant, where fresh fish is prepared for one to pick up, minimizing interaction with the staff.

Restaurant manager Dieter Graf explained: "We set up a course and because of this corona crisis, to keep a safe distance from the customers, we came up with a drive-in. And this drive-in has that advantage, if you only pick up the food, the contact will be avoided between staff and customers."

A very joyful customer Max Weiner expressed his satisfaction with still being able to get his hands on the food he loved by stating: "That is awesome, in the time of Corona [Coronavirus] where you have no social contact anyway, you cannot visit your favourite restaurant on a Sunday, it is awesome that you can drive to Dieter and get your favourite dishes through the window on Sundays."


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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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