Deputies Rescue Giant Bear Trapped Inside Dumpster

They always say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Apparently, the same can be said of wild animals.

Authorities responded to a call of a noise complaint in King Beach, California on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.

The noise was coming from a dumpster around 3 a.m.

SWNS says a nearly 400-pound bear popped out of the bin and spooked deputies with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Neighbors said they heard the animal wailing.

That’s because the bear – who is nearly as big as the dumpster – slid into an opening at the top of the trash bin’s lid and got stuck.

The bear has had run-ins with officers before.

They call him T-shirt because the white patch of fur on his chest makes it looks like he’s sporting a T-shirt.

Deputies did more than the bare minimum and spent the next few minutes trying to unlock the lid and set him free.

T-shirt finally slides through the opening, down the dumpster and then scurries away after the deputies honked a loud horn.

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