According to a report by Reuters, residents of Brazilian state Minas Gerais have reacted with indifference and even anger to a series of measures mining company Vale has pledged to adopt following last week's dam burst that likely claimed the lives of over 300 people. Vale, the world’s largest iron ore miner, reportedly vowed to take up to 10 percent of its production offline and spend $1.36 billion dollars to decommission 10 dams like the one that collapsed at its Corrego do Feijao mine last Friday. Reuters reports that, in recent days, Vale has vowed to continue paying taxes on the paralyzed mine, as well as, donate 100,000 reais to the family of each victim. On Thursday, Brazil’s Minas Gerais state labor prosecutors’ office reportedly announced that it had frozen over $219 million dollars of Vale’s funds as compensation for victims.


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