On January 15, 2009, a US Airways Airbus A320 jetliner had just taken off when suddenly both engines cut out. A birdstrike by a flock of geese occurred shortly after takeoff, causing both engines to shut down. Pilot decided to try a risky emergency landing on the freezing cold waters of New York City’s Hudson River and saved passengers.

On September 7, 2010 an Alrosa Airlines TU-154, flying at an altitude of 10,600 meters over the Taiga, found itself in a situation when the autopilot malfunctioned. Soon afterwards, all the electronics on board began shutting down. When the crew eventually landed the plane, it slid some 164 meters off the runway.

3. LOT Polish Airlines landing on two wheels

On January 10, 2018, Chopin Airport, Warsaw’s main international airport, was shut down for four hours after an emergency landing. The pilot was forced into the unenviable position of having to land a plane with 59 passengers on board without the use of its front wheel. Like a true professional, however, the pilot managed to land the aircraft safely.

4. United Airlines Flight 1175

On February 14, 2018, passengers on board United Flight 1175 from San Francisco to Honolulu noticed that the casing had blown off one of the aircraft’s engines. Passengers uploaded hair-raising images of the exposed Boeing 777 aircraft engine but thankfully no one was injured.

5. Ural Airlines in the Russian cornfield

On August 15, 2019, A narrow-body airliner operated by Russia’s Ural Airlines and carrying 226 passengers and seven crew, landed with its wheels up in the countryside near Moscow after encountering a “rare” birdstrike.

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