Hundreds of protesters in Strasbourg flooded France's biggest city of the Grand Est region at the wheels of their tractors and marching in huge numbers on Tuesday, in an ongoing protest against free trade deals and agricultural reforms.

Farmers can be seen driving tractors, carrying banners and holding signs, alongside beekeepers releasing smoke as they marched.

The demonstrators were angry about free trade deals with South America's Mercosur, as well as CETA, Canada's trade deal with the EU, which they consider would be unfair competition. They also protested the government proposal to implement pesticide-free zones around cities.

"Today must be the first stone of a mobilisation that will have to be held, maintained, amplified and multiplied so that tomorrow the CAP really serves the interests of the European people instead of the private economic interests of agribusiness", said the Federal Confederation spokesperson and farmer, Nicolas Girod.

Farmers from other European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands have been taking part in similar protests in recent days.

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