The French city of Biarritz, which is soon to host the annual G7 meeting, saw people uniting to draw world leaders' attention to pressing issues, such as inequality and poverty, on Friday.

The demonstration organised by Oxfam, an organisation fighting with global poverty, had protesters dressed as the G7 leaders wearing firefighters' uniform, trying to extinguish imaginary fire by fueling it even more.

"By putting them as firefighters adding fire to the fire of inequality, we want to send them a message that now it's time to change the system," said Oxfam member Robin Guittard.

The city's beach, in turn, was adorned with the portraits of the G7 members, and, as activist Mae Kurkjian explained, this is the way "to talk to G7 leaders and to ask them to make real progress and not just, you know, pronounce promises that they will never implement."

The actions took place days before the G7 summit that will kick-off in Biarritz on Saturday and run from August 24 to August 26. It is thought the wildfires in the Amazon will feature high on the summit's agenda.

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