France's Yellow Vest protests returned to Paris on Saturday for a Bastille Day special on their 35th consecutive outing.

Ruptly's live crew battled tear gas as they captured footage from the demonstration, which saw hundreds marching through the streets of the capital demanding French President Emmanuel Macron address issues of social injustice.

One protester referred to the recent acquittal of French business tycoon Bernard Tapis who was accused of defrauding the state of over €400 million (US$451.5 million) as an example of the special treatment received by the wealthy, that protesters were rallying against.

"Today what we need is a revolution, and I hope that tomorrow on July 14th, the French will wake up, because nothing is right with this system," he said.

Since the movement began last November, tens of thousands took part in demonstrations across France voicing their grievances which range from high taxes on fuel to income inequality.

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