Forget eye-surgery, nuclear fusion and high-tech weaponry, the next cutting edge laser application is here: hairstyling.

In true Jedi style, hairdresser and hair salon owner Alberto Olmedo wields a laser to cut his clients' hair, which he believes is the "perfect tool" because of the precision it can achieve, as shown in footage from Madrid, Saturday. Cuts from the laser get cauterised, meaning no split ends are guaranteed.

No stranger to innovative haircutting methods, Olmedo has previously been dubbed the 'ninja hairdresser' for his use of katanas, swords, and even fire to cut hair.

"With scissors you can break the ends as well as with a knife or a sword or a katana if it isn't sharp enough. With this we don't have that problem. We always have a sharp tool," he said.

"One day hairdressers won't be the person cutting hair but the person who designs a stencil, and then the laser will automatically cut the hair according to the previous design."

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