Activists protested against the arrival of US soldiers and military equipment in Germany for the 'Defender Europe 2020' military exercises with NATO forces, in Bremerhaven on Saturday.

Protesters marched from the centre of Bremerhaven towards the Kaiserhafen docks, where the US 'ARC Endurance' carrier had arrived earlier in the week, to deliver the first batch of US military equipment for the military exercise.

Footage shows protesters marching with banners reading "Stop Defender 2020" and "No to confrontation with Russia."

"It worries us that there are so many US soldiers here now with heavy military equipment, going through Germany to the Russian border. And we are here for peace because for us there is nothing more important," said one protester.

Some 37,000 troops from 11 countries will participate in the exercises, according to the US military. The main activities will take place in April and May across 10 countries, among them Poland and the Baltic states. Around 20,000 pieces of equipment will additionally be shipped from five American seaports.

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