A group of Berlin activists held a demonstration at the German capital's iconic Brandenburg Gate on Sunday, to demand the immediate evacuation of refugees stranded in camps on the Greek islands.

Footage shows the activists with banners and placards, wearing facemasks and keeping distance from one another so as not to violate the instated safety regulations to prevent the spread of coronavirus. German police can also be seen at the demonstrations, where a loudspeaker can be heard repeating: "Gatherings of more than two people are not permitted."

"We want to make clear that refugees don't have the chance to save themselves from diseases and other things in these camps which they are deported to, for example Greece. And we wanted to take this protest on the streets although protests are forbidden, but we wanted to make it safe so we have distance between each other," said Gunter, one of the activists.

The action was part of a nation-wide campaign and call to action for activists to make their voices heard and demand that refugees stranded in Greece be permitted to be evacuated to Germany. Certain camps in Greece house thousands more than their planned capacity, and many fear the prospects of COVID-19 spreading to those who live there without adequate medical care.


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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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