AfD general election candidate Alice Weidel claimed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel belongs 'in front of a court of law', during an election campaign rally in Stuttgart, on Friday.

The candidate for a party that has gained prominence demanding that Germany secures its borders against new arrivals and protesting against the policy of Merkel's government to welcome in refugees from the Syrian war, appeared to claim that terror threats come as a result of these policies.

"We have open borders. We still do. Our industrialised states have to be able to secure their borders. People can apply for asylum here without papers," she said, "And you know what? Then things happen like what occured in the Breitscheidplatz."

She was referring to the case of Anis Amri, a Tunisian man who drove a van into a Berlin Christmas Market, in December 2016. Amri had applied for asylum in Germany in April 2016 but was unsuccessful. The German authorities were attempting to deport him to Tunisia before he committed the attack.

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