Mandatory credit: Die Bundesregierung

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that "more transparency" could bring "more investors" into Africa, while speaking at the start of the G20-Initiative 'Compact with Africa' summit in Berlin on Tuesday.

"Whether it's about freedom, climate protection, economic development, migration, or other big questions of our time, we are all agreed that Africa with its over 50 states and a growing population, in particular a young population, has an important role in the answering global questions," commented Merkel.

Speaking about the challenges facing the continent the chancellor mentioned "the big question of security, in particular in the Sahel region," as well as "the subject of population growth," which she described as "unbelievably urgent."

Twelve countries are involved in the summit, including Egypt, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tunisia. The dialogue was launched by Germany in 2017 to tackle the root cause of migration by creating more jobs and better infrastructure.

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