German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Berlin on Friday where both parties underlined the importance of their countries' bilateral partnership and joint efforts to solve international issues.

"We remain allies and partners and we dedicate ourselves to the tasks in the world. This will define our talks. The conflict in Afghanistan, of Ukraine and Russia conflict, the question of the future in Syria, the question of peace in Libya. All these are matters we will talk about today and where I can tell you that Germany wants to play an active role to solve these problems," stated Merkel.

Both the German Chancellor and Pompeo said their "friendship" is very important for both countries as well as internationally. Merkel said Germany will "never forget" the help and support it received from the US for its reunification efforts.

"We have worked together to raise millions of people out of difficult situations from authoritarian regimes, not only here in Europe but across the world and we should be incredibly proud of the work that we have done together and we should remind the citizens of Germany and the citizens of the United States and all across the world of the power of our two countries working together," said the US Secretary of State.

The US Secretary of State is on a two-day visit to Germany, which comes during the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

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