NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discussed Iraq, ISIS, Trump and Crimea, among other topics while addressing the press at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

Stoltenberg, speaking immediately after his briefing with the coalition to defeat ISIS, told the press that "we discussed NATO's plans to enhance our presence in Iraq, to help the Iraqis fight ISIS and make sure that ISIS never return."

On the topic of NATO's presence in the Kurdish parts of northern Iraq, Stoltenberg revealed "we will now decide exactly how to scale up the NATO presence and maybe we'll also take over some of the training activities that NATO allies provide within the coalition today."

Regarding the current situation in Afghanistan, Stoltenberg told reporters "later on today I will meet with President Ghani and we will discuss the efforts to find a peaceful, negotiated solution to the conflict in Afghanistan."

Stoltenberg also addressed the topic of the Black Sea and Russian-Ukrainian differences in the area. "The Black Sea is of strategic importance for NATO," Stoltenberg insisted. The NATO security chief elaborated, declaring "we also, of course, work closely with Ukraine to address security challenges they face because Russia has illegally annexed Crimea."

Finally, Stoltenberg addressed his relations with US President Donald Trump, stating "I have a good working relationship with him [Trump]" before specifying "I know that in the United States, there is a strong bipartisan support for NATO and I welcome that." Earlier in the interview Stoltenberg asserted that "NATO allies do more together now than we have done for many, many years."

The Security General will continue participating at the Security Conference in Munich for the rest of Friday and Saturday.

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