The Muenster state court ruled on Tuesday that Germany should seek guarantees from the United States that drone strikes conducted from German territory respect international law, while announcing the verdicts for two lawsuits regarding the use of a US military base in the German city of Ramstein in carrying out attacks on Yemeni and Somali soil.

"The Federal government [of Germany] has to make sure that US drone operations with the aid of the military base in Ramstein respect international law," announced Press spokesperson for the Higher Administrative Court in Muenster Gudrun Dahme as she announced three Yemenis partial victory in a case brought against the German government.

The court however denied motion to prevent the use of the US military base in further drone attacks.

The ruling also dismissed claims by a Somali plaintiff that his father was killed in a US drone attack in 2012 via satellite data relayed by the Ramstein air base, citing the site's unfinished status within the specific timeframe.

The US had reportedly used the airbase to relay information used to carry out drone attacks on the Yemeni village of Khashamir, killing several in August 2012.

The case was first brought to the Administrative Court in Cologne in May 2015. After the court decided that Germany is not obliged to prevent the US from using the military base for drone strikes, the plaintiffs appealed against this verdict to the High Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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