Tensions ran high as an opposition demonstration denouncing US interference in Honduran affairs and its support to President Juan Orlando Hernandez turned violent with police teargassing protesters in Tegucigalpa on Saturday.

SOT, Gilberto Rios, Protester (Spanish): "That congratulation from the US Department of State to Honduras for its independence is not frank and true, we are a colony of the United States of America completely dominated by the designs of the Yankee empire and unfortunately there is no economic or political independence."

SOT, Gilberto Rios, Protester (Spanish): "Only the people can save the people, and only the people will be able to organize themselves to get out of this crisis in which they are today, that is why we are here demonstrating against dictator and for true independence."

SOT, Bertha Oliva, Protester (Spanish): "We need to liberate and make the Central American region independent from the interests of the North American empire. Until we achieve that, we will continue to be less than a colony."

SOT, Oscar Reyes, Protester (Spanish): "The independence of Honduras is that we do not depend on the United States of America. As a supposedly independent nation, the independence would mean that the state powers of the country were independent of each other, but we are currently living in a dictatorship."

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RT 17 Feb 2020 08:23 CET