Violent clashes erupted after riot police fired tear gas on university students as they hit the streets of Tegucigalpa demanding the resignation of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez on Thursday.

Footage shows riot police using a water cannon and tear gas in an attempt to clear a group of demonstrators from a road, with protesters responding by throwing stones and other projectiles.

One of the protesters explained his opposition to the Honduran president, saying: "he is already a mad and desperate dictator because he knows he is about to lose power, and has committed many crimes against the people. He does not enjoy the acceptance of the people, he has the rejection of the people."

Protests in Honduras started in April and have seen rising numbers since the release of documents from US prosecutors claiming that Hernandez used money from drug traffickers to fund his 2013 presidential campaign.

Hernandez reportedly dismissed the allegations as an attempted smear campaign against him by political opponents and drug gangs he targeted.

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