Hundreds of protesters marched in the Central and Wan Chai areas of Hong Kong on Thursday, after handing petition letters to nine embassies in order to ask the countries to support their five key demands and follow the United States in passing human rights bills.

Footage shows protesters handing over petition letters to the representatives of the Australian Consulate-General, US Embassy, and the European Union Office to Hong Kong.

At the end of November, US President Donald Trump signed into law two bills, sanctioning any official responsible for arbitrary arrests, torture or any other violation of the human rights of Hong Kong citizens.

The law also requires the US administration to annually assess if Hong Kong's special status and freedoms are respected by Beijing. If China fails to do so, Washington could end the city's special trade status hitting its economy.

The action took place on the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Future of Hong Kong, which was signed on December 19th, 1984.


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