It's been 20 years since the USWNT's iconic 1999 World Cup win — legend Brandi Chastain says that victory forever impacted the future of the sport.

Chastain: The great thing about our team is the that we believed that it could happen. And so we were working relentlessly on the field to be the best product and the best and. Give a lot of entertainment value while striving for the success of winning the World Cup. But also we were the caretakers of all of women's soccer globally. Like I say the future of women's soccer. In all honesty it was it could have been that dire for the US not to advance to the final and not to win. Could have been disastrous for even what we're doing for today. And so we understood that. And I think. Every single woman who was a part of the U.S. women's national team has was and has been an ambassador for the sport ever since.

The media leading up to the World Cup was not incredibly positive. You know we we as as the side that was. Putting on the World Cup so the World Cup committee and the players and U.S. Soccer. You know our job was to promote women's soccer and to get people to buy tickets and to fill these giant stadiums that we said we can. Right. And when the media was saying. It's never gonna happen. And the future of women's soccer is gonna go down the tubes. Because you're you're you're saying you're you're putting something out there that's not possible. And so there was a lot of negative energy that was floating around the pre World Cup time.'

40M people watched the 1999 Women’s World Cup on live TV.

Chastain: 'The future of women's sports is so bright. I mean there's there's so much that. Hasn't happened in terms of ownership coaching. General managers. You know I mean doctors like we are going to infiltrate all that in a positive way like I don't feel. That women getting into those arenas should be. It should be open arms embracing because we want to be a part of it. We want to share our gifts. We want to share our talent. So I think you know in every avenue we have a chance for growth and development. So that's. Incredibly exciting. And then I think on the pitch for soccer you know we're going to see women who come from countries that are traditionally not. Supportive of women playing. Soccer and. Then we really break barriers right. We really break barriers and we and we debunk myths about what women can and can't do.

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