Advanced computer tomography scans are changing the way paleontologists are studying ancient life and “OroBOT” may be just the beginning.

How Did Science Get Neanderthals So Wrong? -

Reverse Engineering the Locomotion of a Stem Amniote

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Study Finds Dinosaurs Battled Overheating with Nasal Air-Conditioning

“According to the researchers, smell may be a primary function of the nose, but noses are also important heat exchangers, ensuring that air is warmed and humidified before it reaches the delicate lungs. To accomplish this effective air conditioning, birds and mammals—including humans—rely on thin curls of bone and cartilage within their nasal cavities, called turbinates, which increase the surface area and allow for air to come into greater contact with the nasal walls.”

Getting under a fossil's skin: how CT scans have changed palaeontology

“The full name for the technology is x-ray computed tomography. It has its origins 100 years ago with the development of mechanical tomography, which created images of individual slices through the human body using x-rays and film.”

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