‘I know what it feels to be someone who is [of] a faith that is vilified.’ — Rep. Ilhan Omar gave this response about why she’s speaking up for the dignity of Palestinians, which drew criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike.

In the latest news from Wasington D.C., Muslim congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar has come under fire for her comments about Israel and Palestinians. At this Poets and Busboys event, Ilhan Omar spoke up for Palestinians at the risk of upsetting both Republicans and Democrats. The Ilhan Omar speech incited many across the political aisle, with some calling out Omar for anti semitism. For Ilhan Omar, Israel is a hot topic and many politicians have strong feelins on the matter. The Democrats response, while not as harsh as Fox News, has been interesting to see in response to Omar's speech and the Rep. Ilhan Omar tweets. Omar spoke alongside Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep Pramila Jayapal at this event.

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