Israeli citizens expressed their opinions on the possible result of the Israeli general elections, in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

Ido, one of the voters, said: ''Hopefully Bibi (Netanyahu) will not be our next Prime Minister,'' adding that this might help to get rid of "corruption."

Another local, Dori, stressed that the current President Benjamin Netanyahu should leave everything as it is, if he gets reelected. ''I don't think that he has to change, I think that the country is in a good place and he has a lot of credit for it,'' added Dori.

"I hope there is going to be a positive change in the financial situation in the country, and also an improvement in the political situation. There are still many issues need to be addressed,'' said Marom, another local.

New general elections are held this Tuesday in Israel for the second time in less than six months.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who failed to form a coalition government after the first election, is now trying to win a record fifth term.

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