Several hundred people staged a protest in front of Ventimiglia town hall, Saturday, to call on Italian authorities to take measures against the erection of a shelter for migrant minors in the city.

SOT, Riccardo Balestra, Organiser of protest (Italian): "Also because of these people, and this is not their fault - it has to do with where they come from - they bring along bacteria and diseases that we are not used to anymore. Our kids didn't get vaccinated for some diseases. If we take older people like me and the 'differently young' woman near me, we got vaccinated because it was after the war. But our kids didn't. And I don't want to get into the topic of vaccinations."

SOT, Riccardo Balestra, Organiser of protest (Italian): "Why are these [centres] not used? Was it not easier? They were ready and secure. Why are we spending so much and are not using the infrastructure that we already have? Somebody is probably taking advantage of the situation. Somebody is making profit."

SOT, Lucia Corona, Protester (Italian): "We are scared to walk, to go around. A man approached a friend of mine and entered her car. He was trying to steal her bag. Do you understand? We cannot handle the situation anymore. I don't blame these people. There is a market, and they are part of it. I blame the [Italian] state, which I don't know what is doing now. I also blame the municipality, which doesn't have the guts to take some measures. I lost my husband to this [the woman reported that her husband had died in a car accident, which was allegedly caused by the behaviour of a migrant on the street]. I am just here to say that we can't take it anymore. We don't want them here."

SOT, Lidia Barone, Protester (Italian): "Nobody is taking care of the babies in the orphanage. Nobody is taking care of the ones who suffered because of the earthquake. We give them a place to sleep and food. We give them 80 euros a day. Are you kidding? I am not racist, but we first need to take care of our babies, our people, our old population that has to live with 500 euros a month. They can't make it."


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Protesters scream at Fox anchor