Italy's Democratic Party (PD) leader Nicola Zingaretti and Emilia-Romagna Regional President Stefano Bonaccini met supporters of the party in Bologna on Thursday, ahead of regional presidential elections.

Addressing the party supporters, Zingaretti slammed his opponents, saying, "It is an important electoral campaign because the right talks about the Italians' problem but does not know how to solve these. But Italians' problems can be and must be solved."

Bonaccini expressed full confidence in his victory, saying, "In this electoral campaign, my rival has completely disappeared and was overshadowed by Salvini who, however after January 27, will go back to where he came from and nobody will see him again."

Bonaccini told voters he has "a project on how to make it [region Emilia-Romagna] more beautiful, stronger and better."

The Emilia-Romagna region will elect its president on January 26. Recent polling shows current leader Stefano Bonaccini neck and neck with his Liga rival Lucia Borgonzoni.

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