Syrian refugees living at a camp in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley spoke out on Wednesday, after a winter storm, dubbed 'Norma', flooded the settlement, ruining tents, mattresses and food supplies.

Footage shows dozens of flooded tents, and refugees treading the flooded paths in the camp.

One of the camp residents said, "as you see, our children and things are [soaked] in snow and water, and at our neighbours' place also ... Look at my tent, you will find my son sleeping over the snow; if you go into my tent, you will see that it is full of snow."

"This is our situation in the camps. These are our tents. Those at the UN are all liars, including the head of the UN organisation. No one has come here at all, despite the promises and the filming, this is our situation here. Our children are soaked, if they get sick, we need medicine," said another refugee, Abed Alrahman.

According to the UN refugee agency, the storm wrecked at least 15 out of 66 informal Syrian refugee settlements. Lebanon is hosting around 1.5 million Syrian refugees fleeing the war.

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