Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero spends her days chasing bad guys, but in between it all, she found time to write a country music song. It all started 10 years ago when she was at a charity event and somebody bet her $20 she couldn't write a country music song in 24 hours. Never one to turn down a bet, Guerrero set to work. The song, "Everybody Loves a Comeback," pays tribute to men and women in the military and the loved ones they hope to come back to.

"Everybody Loves a Comeback" is available to download, and Guerrero said proceeds will benefit a journalism scholarship fund through the Investigative Reporters and Editors Association and Folds of Honor, a charity that supports the families of fallen soldiers. Guerrero and Burns are also planning to take their song on a USO tour this holiday season.

"Everybody Loves a Comeback" is available for download on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and Google.


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