Little Mix is traveling around Europe as their LM5 tour recently kicked off, but the girl group has already hit a bad bump in the road and were forced to cancel a show in Vienna.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Little Mix released a statement on their shared Instagram about why they had to cancel tonight’s show.

The post read “Vienna, we are so sad to say that tonight’s show has had to be cancelled. Unfortunately one of our production trucks was in an accident earlier today which means we haven’t been able to set up our staging and lights. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it means we aren’t able to put on the show for you. We are absolutely broken hearted as we were so excited to see you all”.

They went on to say that all of the tickets for tonight’s show will be refunded through the ticketing agencies where they were purchased.

Their show in Vienna, Austria tonight comes right after their show in Milan, Italy which is about an 8 hour drive to make late at night.

This is only the first week of the LM5 tour. They had their first show in Madrid on Monday, September 16. And they’ve been making headlines ever since their tour started.

We told you the other day about how they introduced their song “Wasabi” with a video of Piers Morgan.

And how Piers took to Twitter to say that he never signed off on Little Mix using that video. In a tweet, he replied to a Little Mix fan and said “They’ve literally made me centre stage at their concerts without my permission, incidentally, so they’ll be getting a large invoice”.

You know, the documentary where Jesy opens up about her struggles with body confidence and self-assurance, and reveals that she once tried to overdose because the bullying had gotten to be too much for her.

Yeah Piers, let that one sink in!

Well, sure enough, Little Mix responded to Piers’ latest tweet and said “Someone’s telling Porkie Pieeeees, your bosses at Good Morning Britain signed it off, including you…soz hun”, and continued “Piers you gorgey hun, we know you’ve always been our number 1 fan…we’ve got a ticket at the box office with your name on it. Hashtag come and say it to my face”

Despite the baby talk, Little Mix did just savagely drag him with receipts!

I mean, they called him out for lying and his bosses at ‘Good Morning Britain’ allegedly did sign off on them using that video.

And he responded to that with “Breaking: Little Mix think I am gorgeous”

Ummm wait, wasn’t he just trying to tear them down and now he’s being cutesy and jokey with them…?

So interesting enough, a lot of people are thinking that he’s doubling down on Little Mix to promote his interview with soccer player Christiano Ronaldo

And a lot of people, well, just don’t care.

Someone tweeted “the only thing breaking is your hairline”

So despite all the drama with Piers online, luckily nobody actually got hurt in this truck accident that happened late last night.

No word yet on the status of upcoming shows – as of right now, Little Mix is scheduled to perform in Stuttgart, Germany on September 21 and 22nd and then go to Cologne, Germany on the 23rd.

Some fans wanted the group to perform a smaller show outdoors in Vienna tonight.

But there’s a slim chance that will happen – what with permits and noise complaints and all that.

Back in February, Little Mix also had to cancel their show at the ‘Event Complex Aberdeen’ in Aberdeen, Scotland due to “unforeseen logistical issues”.

The venue announced the cancellation, saying “Due to unforeseen logistical issues Little Mix have unfortunately had to cancel their Aberdeen show”

Oddly enough, Perrie posted a photo on Instagram just hours before announcing that they would have to cancel their tour. She said “Hashtag LM5 tour is already the best EVER! Tour life is a GREAT life! I’m blessed! I love you all.”

Well nobody ever accused Perrie of being a psychic.

Jesy commented on her photo saying “right just stop it you beautiful minx”

So hopefully this is just a little bump in the road for Little Mix and the ladies will continue the tour as scheduled. They have a pretty tight schedule touring Europe and Oceana all the way until December, but it’s possible that they’ll be able to find time somewhere along the tour to reschedule the Vienna date. Who knows what these girls are capable of.

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