Alright, Pretty Little Liars fans… we know it’s been a rough 9 months since PLL ended, but we’ve got just the thing to help lift your spirits in this difficult time.

Over the weekend, Lucy Hale took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of her and –

You guessed it— her former on-screen love, Ian Harding. Apparently, the two ran into each other in Chicago, and their mini reunion is basically everything we’ve ever needed and more!

In the photo, Lucy and Ian stood side-by-side, looking happy as ever and ready to brace the windy city in their puffer jackets. Okay, so we know this doesn’t make up for the fact that the show’s not on anymore, but it is nice to see these two back together again…don’t you think?!

Lucy captioned the photo with, QUOTE, “Look who I found in Chicago,” and, unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for diehard PLL fans to sound off in the comments. One fan wrote, QUOTE, “AHHHH!!! You found your way back,” with another adding, QUOTE, “Ya’ll were my OTP.” TBH, SAME, and if you ask us, this definitely seems like destiny!

So far, the post has garnered over 2 million likes, so even though it’s been a while since the show aired, fans are still just as obsessed as ever, especially when it comes to their fave on-screen couple, Aria and Ezra.

So, what do you guys think of Lucy Hale and Ian Harding’s latest reunion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and then click to right over here for our interview with Skai Jackson at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Thanks for watching Clevver News

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