A barber from Moscow gives his clients a sparkling treat - instead of shampoo, he washes their hair with champagne, as footage filmed on Wednesday shows.

According to Vilen Knudaverdyan, he came up with the idea during a farewell party of one of the staff members. On the last working day of one of the hair salon's managers, the team decided to wash his hair with champagne. Apparently, the manager loved it, so Knudaverdyan started offering it to his clients as a chargeable service.

"Of course, how hair looks like after the wash and the quality depend on a brand of champagne. The more expensive it [the champagne] is, the better hair looks afterwards," said the barber.

Knudaverdyan also noted that in future he would surprise his clients with more special treats, like washing their hair with Russian vodka or with traditional Russian beverage kvass.

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Xinhua 16 Jul 2019 12:03 CEST

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