Phil Alei is a mechanical engineer, who uses 3D printing technology to build products. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, he's been out of work. But he realized he could use the free time and the 3D printing technology he has at his place to contribute to the on-going fight against COVID-19.

"Anything I can do to help is basically what I'm trying to do. Especially when I have free time, when I'm here at home. I feel like I'm in a bit of a special position in that I do have equipment to design and build in 3D print, a lot of parts," Alei said.

Once he downloads the files for a model from the internet, he can produce that unit at his workshop. Industrial 3D print farms use hundreds of these machines to manufacture goods in mass production.

Numerous skilled individuals like Alei, chose to volunteer from their homes across the country to produce a variety of medical equipment that is in short supply.

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