The ‘Walk for Truth, Justice and Peace’ departed from Cuernavaca in south-central Mexico on Thursday morning with the intention of arriving next Sunday in Mexico City in order to discuss with the nation's president the growing level of violence in the country.

At 09:40 local time on Thursday, around 300-400 people, including activists, members of victims groups and concerned citizens, departed from the north of Cuernavaca, to travel along the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway to the town of Coajomulco, where the first day’s march ended. The marchers carried banners featuring slogans such as "Truth, Justice, Peace. Our house is still bloody" and "Without justice, freedom is defenseless."

In Coajomulco, they boarded buses that took them back to Cuernavaca, to the Conciliar Seminary of San Jose, where they will spend the night and leave on Friday morning to Tres Marias to start the second day of the march towards the capital.

Family members of the nine people who were killed in the attack on a convoy of Mexican-American Mormons in Sonora late last year were also reportedly in attendance. The attack is believed to have been carried out by a drug cartel.

The intention of the march is to meet with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to discuss ways to end violence in the country. Activists have warned however that this will not be possible if the president does not recognise that Mexico is in a national emergency.

Last year was the most violent in Mexico on record, with just over 34,000 homicides recorded for the whole year, up 2.7 percent year on year.

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